Meet The Team

David Lalor
Team Manager & ICT Co-ordinator
David as Team Manager and ICT Co-ordinator is strongly involved in all areas of the team and brings his experience of leadership after captaining his Primary School  Debating Team to 2nd place in Ireland! His passion for Computing and his experience of creating and managing the website for the local soccer club ensures we will have a high standard in all of our ICT work.
Tadhg Downey
Marketing Manager 
Tadhg brings his skills from Business Studies to the team and will provide us with professional sponsorship opportunities and full media coverage. He will contact people in the local media and with his public speaking experience and great communication skills, create vital partnerships with our sponsors and supporters.
Matt Cullen
Design & Manufacturing Engineer
Matt is studying Technical Graphics and Woodwork which will enable him to professionally design a winning car while using his engineering skills from Woodwork to input important knowledge along with plenty of hard work to the team. His hard work and enthusiasm also makes him a perfect Manufacturing Engineer and knows exactly what kind of a design will work, being Design Engineer as well.



Jordan Hennessy

Design & Manufacturing Engineer


Jordan will contribute his broad knowledge of engineering and manufacturing to the team from the experience he has gained in Technology. Jordan has a vast knowledge in design software and will provide us with a sleek car which has great aerodynamics. 

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