The Car



Canister Housing

The unique shape of this car’s canister housing is the result of various tests that revealed that the shape the car’s canister housing now is, is the most aerodynamic design.


Wheels Inside Body

Following assessment and testing, we discovered that the wheels on the cars create massive amounts of drag. Having the wheels of the car inside the body reduces drag and provides the car with better aerodynamics.

Innovative Design


When designing this car, we conducted many tests using our previous cars. After these tests, we concluded that the wheels of the car create the most drag. We then decided that the car we would use for National Finals would have the wheels inside the body of the car, allowing for smoother airflow and faster speeds.

Design Process


We held many meetings before deciding on our car’s final design. Once we had tested and re-tested our previous cars we began the designing of our final car. We designed our car using SolidWorks software. This software enabled us to have an extremely sleek-looking and aerodynamic car. We hope that all of our hard work will pay off at the National Finals!

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